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Our Team

The company is 220 members strong, and well equipped to handle any project we land. Our staff is well equipped to operate and maintain the heavy equipments at our disposal, and ensure that they are working at their maximum efficiency. We believe that the dedication of our staff is one of the key factors that has fuelled the growth of our company.

As a company that provides diverse range of consumer centric services, we believe in shaping our staff to deal with the various unexpected contingencies that may arise during our operations. Our team undergoes extensive training sessions regularly to update their technical knowledge and soft skills. We believe that an investment in enhancing our human resources is instrumental in improving the quality of our services, and that it empowers us to undertake challenging projects with ease.

We have set up a transparent management structure that promotes ease of communication among the various teams, and allows for collaborations between them in order to deliver quality services in record time. As a company we value our staff and do everything within our means to make them feel empowered and appreciated.